#MondayMotivation – My Bullet Journal

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with life, thinking that we can’t achieve certain things, that some of our wishes are simply unrealistic or that maybe we shouldn’t even go after some of our goals because they seem too great.
Every Monday on Twitter, there’s a certain hashtag trending #MondayMotivation. Many of my followers use this hashtag to get inspired for the week to follow. It’s only noon here in Europe and there are already almost 70 thousand texted tweeted with it.
That is why from now on, I decided to create a series of posts titled #MondayMotivation to get you inspired and share my goals and thoughts.
In today’s post, for the debut opening of the series, I’ll show you my personal bullet journal which I use for clarifying and setting my goals and getting things done.
Bullet journal is a fancy name for writing your goals and thoughts down. It’s a journal, calendar-like tool to get yourself inspired and stay on track.
In your bullet journal, you can write down your goals and tasks for the day, week, month or a year ahead. You can write down your 5-year goals or even 10-year goals. It doesn’t really matter, you can do whatever you want with it.
And here is an example from me:
This journal I got from my best friend on my latest birthday, but I wasn’t as active in it and I still have a bunch of pages left. I think it looks gorgeous!
And there goes the first part of planning – monthly. Here as you can see, I wrote down my plans for the month of June; both goals and to-do tasks.You can easily follow the example.
On the second page, I wrote the “key”. The key is how I mark the tasks and which color I use for different ones.
Now, this is the main part of planning – daily, but with a weekly overview. As you can see, I used a time frame (that bar over every date) in which I divide my tasks and see when I’ll do them and how long are they going to last.
Obviously, I’ll do other stuff in the day and probably come up with some more, but these are the ones that I’m sure of I’ll do this week. As you might notice, the Monday is missing because I started writing this today. Usually, Sunday would be on the next page following this weekly goal planner below:
But my favorite part in my bullet journal is a monthly activity tracker in which I track literally everything.
(by the way, ignore the title in the right corner, the page was supposed to be for some other date.)
And there it is, my bullet journal!
I think journalling of any kind is an essential to the right organization and you don’t have to do everything as I did in order to have a good one, stay true to yourself.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

‘Til the next time

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