Believe, but More Importantly, Act

It’s Sunday and this morning I’ve been working. That automatically means that I needed to relax in the afternoon. There’s no better thing to do after work then to listen to some good music or even better, read a good book.
Currently, I’m reading “The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder“. Sounds very “The Devil Wears Prada” and it is. The book is definitely not a masterpiece, but it’s an amazing past time and that’s exactly what we need sometimes. It was written by an English author Holly McQueen and it’s about a title character who is fantasizing about having her own fashion label, a perfume line and even dating Daniel Craig. The great thing is that many of us can relate to her dream-like personality.
This book teaches us to dream, but also to cool down a little and actually be present instead of spending our days in fantasies and outside of the real world. It shows us that success isn’t all milk and honey, to get there, we have to stay consistent and disciplined because none of our dreams will actually happen if we don’t push ourselves.
We need to understand the stress of it and be ready for it and most importantly, never give up.
Since I read 80-something pages so far, I think I already can understand how it’s going to finish. I couldn’t resist reading the last page… As I always do, but we’ll see if it surprises me. It seems as if  Isabel is a little too dreamy to actually make something, I still hope I’m wrong.
How was your day? Tell me in the comments!
xx Nora

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