6 Best Must-Have Apps for Bloggers and Instagrammers

In today’s post, I want to share something that will help my fellow bloggers/Instagrammers. These are apps that are must-haves if you have a blog on any platform. These can change your site game to a whole ‘nother level – from photo editing to photo organizing and everything else that you need.


This is my number one favorite photo editing/social media app. VSCO is a place for editors, photographers, and models of all kinds. You can clearly see how better a photo looks after the edit. The exposure is better, saturation and filter. And what I really love about it is that it’s also sort of a like-free platform, so there is definitely less pressure on it. But you don’t need to post your photos there at all, just edit them in the lab and when it’s done save them to your phone album.

2. Spark Post

With Spark Post, you can create these wonderful images for your blog posts, just like the one below or create Instagram posts, Facebook page headers, Twitter post images or anything else that you desire for popular social media platforms. For almost every blog post, I use this photo editor. Even though many people suggest Canva app which is still great, I think this one is much better – it’s simple, it has a gorgeous design and most importantly, it’s free!

3. StoryArt

Wanna make your Instagram story stand out? Use StoryArt, the name stands behind its abilities. You can clearly see how wonderful this photo looks with a caption and almost polaroid-like feeling to it. This app is the new game-changer in the life of an Instagram blogger or really, any Instagram account out there. By the way, if you like this design – you can follow me on my Instagram HERE. Btw. the photo is from my hometown in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Isn’t it amazing?


You feel like you want to post something, but not sure if that would fit your Instagram aesthetic? Download UNUM, this app allows you to plan ahead your Instagram posts. You can literally plan a dozen images ahead before publishing them. It’s the coolest app in the world, make sure to check it out. My Instagram needs a better aesthetic and that is why this app helps so much.

5. MailChimp

Don’t have a mailing list yet? Don’t worry – MailChimp will create it for you. Set up an account and you can easily see your subscribers. And not just that, you can also create campaigns for a newsletter, so whenever you post on your blog, your subscribers will receive the post in their e-mail. Besides that, you can send them “Welcome” and “Thank you for subscribing” messages. You are able to create promo e-mails for your business if you are selling something or having a giveaway on your website/blog, announce all kinds of news of your business and anything else that your heart desires. Oh and if you still haven’t subscribed to my account, then you’re missing out – subscribe HERE.

6. Pocket

And last, but definitely, not the least app on this list. I love Pocket because it allows me to bookmark websites or links that I want to visit, but have no time to read at that given moment. And what’s the best thing – it lets me save posts of other bloggers that I want to read! I don’t know, but on Safari or Chrome on mobile, I usually forget the bookmark tool, that is why Pocket is a must for me. And since I have just created it, I have 0 following, so if you have this app – leave your username in the comment!
So there it is – 6 Best Must-Have Apps for Your Blog and Instagram. Will you download these? Or maybe you have any other useful apps on your phone? Share them in the comments!

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