Dubrovnik Nightlife – Dubrovnik Guide Part 2

Last week, I created a new series on the blog. “A Local Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia” is a series that discusses this beautiful town on the Adriatic coast. From its history to the current events. Here you are able to find out what are the best places to see from restaurants, bars and anything in between, to the best activities that you could do in Dubrovnik. After all, this is an honest and real local guide.
If you or anyone close to you is visiting Dubrovnik soon or maybe you just really want to visit it stay tuned. I’ll publish a new article every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. CET. You can easily subscribe HERE to receive an e-mail notification whenever a new part comes! Enjoy the article.
In the first part, I talked about the history of Dubrovnik. This time I’ll get a little more modern. And what is more modern and youthful than partying?
You must be wondering, what is the nightlife like in Dubrovnik? Well, here I am to show you.
It’s time to discuss the nightlife in this small Croatian town.

Culture Club Revelin

Credit: https://www.justdubrovnik.com/2013/07/freemasons-culture-club-revelin/12411/
There are a few clubs in Dubrovnik that you must visit. First and probably the most popular one is Culture Club Revelin.
Here’s the interesting part, the club is built in a historic interior of a Revelin fortress. If you read my previous part, you’d probably know what I’m talking about.
Revelin fortress is a part of the famous Dubrovnik city walls and was used for the defense of Ottomans in the past.
Today, it is transformed into a fun nightlife. Where history meets the future. Isn’t that cool? It really is! Keep reading.
During the summer season which starts on May 25 and ends October 8, Revelin is opened every day from 11 p.m. to the early mornings of 6 a.m. The entrance is usually charged, but you can get a free one if you get to the club with a flyer until 12 a.m. You can find the flyer from the hostesses that promote them around the Old Town in the late evening hours.
The club has a rich program, guesting DJ-s from all around the world including the most famous ones such as Fedde LeGrand, Nicola Fasano, Afrojack, Mahmut Orhan and R3HAB.
So you guessed it! The music is techno/house. If you are a fan of it, definitely visit Revelin!
There you will also find dancers on the stage, fire shows and possibly, any type of drink you can imagine. It also includes VIP spots where you can easily sit down and get a bottle of alcohol with your friends.
When it comes to drinking, age restriction is 18 years old in whole Croatia.
But, wait, there’s more, if you are interested in hosting a birthday party, wedding or any other special event, you can easily do it in Revelin.
There’s a thing that I could complain about when it comes to this club. First, it is the prices. If you are coming from a high standard country and just visiting Dubrovnik, this might not be a big deal for you, but as a local and a 19-year old, I can find these drinks a bit pricey.
Another thing, but I guess that’s a personal preference is that since it’s a club with pretty high ceilings, it tends to be too light in it. And when you are drunk and looking not so hot as you did when you first arrived, it can suck a bit.
But, then again, most people don’t care, I guess that’s just my thinking.
And with its all fun program, you can also find a cozy restaurant next to it and a gentlemen exclusive part, but I’m not going to dig into it.
Next club is…

Skybar Dubrovnik Nightclub

Credit: https://dubrovackidnevnik.rtl.hr/fotogalerije/skybar-neizostavno-novo-staro-mjesto-za-vas-izlazak

Located next to the bus stop before you enter the Old Town, Pile street. Skybar is something different. For locals, it’s much more affordable, but it’s also much smaller than Revelin.

However, I personally prefer Skybar for obvious reasons. Affordable, local folk and loud music (not that I actually listen to it, but I will admit that I do when I’m clubbing) and the whole atmosphere are much more party-like, if that makes sense.

If you are not a fan of local folk music, don’t worry, they do play mainstream pop at times as well.

But, there’s a catch, the club can be too crowdy, especially in the summer.

The solution is simple, I suggest you go straight to the bar because it won’t be easy to get to it afterward. Or you can choose VIP spots right next to the DJ.

Still, don’t worry, the safety in the club is pretty good since the guards take care of everything.

For instance, last summer, I lost my ID in it and they found it and kept it for a week until I came back to get it.

The club also includes lounge and adult entertainment service.

Club Lazareti 

Credit: https://mixmagadria.com/feature/komarda-i-lazareti-spremni-za-novu-sezonu-s-tajnim-iznenaenjima
If you are looking for something different, more underground and rock n’ roll, you might check out Lazareti club.
Located on the opposite of Skybar and Pile gate, in another historic building of the same title on the Ploče gate, this club has a variety of music to offer.
Even though the club is mainly underground, it offers other programs as well including Top of the Pops (2000’s and early 2010’s pop music such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and other pop stars), Bitchblack DJs and techno music, the sound of the 80’s and the 90’s, history of rock and similar interesting concepts.
But, there are also other things this club/ organization includes. Right next to the building is a Komarda beach with a view to the Old Town’s most beautiful fortress Saint John (Sveti Ivan).
Occasionally, there are a rave and other parties hosted which gives you a real summer feel for the party. One of them is WTF Dubrovnik event which lasts for a few days, usually in the early August.
These three nightclubs are the biggest and most popular in Dubrovnik. However, there are a few night bars you can go into and smaller clubs such as Trocadero which is also located in the Old Town.
But, these are probably the best in service and entertainment.


Culture club Revelin
Location: Revelin fortress (Old Town)
Music: techno/house
Price: expensive
Offerings: VIP, drinks, bar, gentlemen exclusive part
Skybar Dubrovnik Nightclub
Location: Pile Gate (Old Town)
Music: Balkan folk music, mainstream pop
Price: affordable
Offerings: VIP, drinks, lounge, adult entertainment
Club Lazareti
Location: Ploče Gate (Old Town)
Music: pop, rock, rave, techno, underground
Price: affordable
Offerings: drinks, bar, different locations
What do you think about Dubrovnik nightlife scene?
In my opinion, I think it’s not that rich, but I guess it’s for the fact that the town is small with more or less 40,000 people. Still, I believe that the city could make this town a little more likable to the young adults and with its yearly income, I think the town can make it.
Are you visiting Dubrovnik soon? Do you like the guide? Tell me in the comments below!
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