Sushi date with my best friend + OOTD

The other day, I made a reservation for a Shizuku restaurant here in Dubrovnik. So yesterday I went there with my best friend there.
The place serves Japanese cuisine including all types of sushi from nigiri, maki, sake, teka, California, Philadelphia, maguro and so on.
But first, cocktails! I got a gin and grapefruit juice one while Karmen ordered a simple Pinacolada.
And for the dish we actually came to the restaurant, we got two “Maki” plates.
Btw. this date is to remember! I finally learned to use sticks properly.
For the second round, we got crispy chicken with three different sauces.
One thing to add, this was my first time eating meat after 2 and a half months. I stopped for ethical and health reasons, but I guess it was okay that I have a bit of it for this occasion. From now on, I will probably stay on my pescetarian diet.
I must say, besides having the best sushi in town with affordable prices, the service is exceptional. They are so kind to you and make sure everything is as you want it to be.
After the satisfying dinner, we decided to go to a small pastry shop. There, we somehow managed to eat the most delicious chocolate crêpes.
And here is an outfit!
I wore this amazing dark pink dress with lace and a pretty big cleavage (lol) and high heel sandals. Later, I added a white Skagen watch to the outfit (the photo above) and these cool butterfly earrings which you can see below:

Overall, we had fun. After all the food, we took a walk in the town and ended up in a bar and had another round of cocktails. I had a Long Island one.

But then my mother called telling me that she didn’t have keys of the house because I mistakenly took hers.

Pro-tip: Don’t drink Long Island Ice Tea in a rush or you might end up with a stomachache.

Have you ever tried sushi? Do you like it? Tell me in the comments!


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