My Skincare Products – Review

A month ago, I made a post on “What’s in my makeup bag” and since you seemed to love it, I thought to show you what are some of my skin care products.
Before we start, I’d like to say that I have a combination skin, so it’s pretty complicated. Being both dry and oily, I need to take some real care for it. Next week, I made an appointment at the dermatologist center (finally!), so when I get the full skin check, I’ll tell you the results.The following products are skin care products for to women. Most of them are drugstore ones.

Skin care products for face

1. Moisturizers

// Eveline Cosmetics Hydra Impact 360 Energizing Light Moisturizing Day Cream //


This moisturizing cream is made for normal to combination skin, but I have to say for my skin type it is a little too light. I don’t feel much hydrated after it, but it’s good to wear here and there during the day if you get a feeling like your skin needs some extra moisturizing.
// Ziaja Face Natural Olive Oil Cream Intensely Nourishing for Dry Dehydrated Skin //

I’ve already talked about this product in a previous post, but since then my opinion has changed. I found this cream too much. How cool, I’m not yet to find a perfect moisturizer. But don’t worry, if your skin is dry, this moisturizer will hydrate it 100%.

2. Face Wash

From left to right:
1. // Balea Waschgel mit Aktivkohle //
This wash gel with active charcoal for blackheads is actually pretty good. The brand is from Germany and I bought it originally in their drugstore. It doesn’t do great wonders, but it definitely hydrates the skin and leaves you feeling fresh.
2. // Afrodita Cosmetics Young & Pure Purifying Foam //
Afrodita Cosmetics or Kozmetika Afrodita comes from Slovenia and has quickly become one of my favorite drugstore brands. This foam relaxes my skin and even though, I don’t use it often when I do it makes my skin feeling clearer than ever.
3. // Garnier Pure Active Intensive Advanced Cleansing Exfobrusher (150ml) // 
This product has been on my shelf for a while now. Honestly, it didn’t do much of its promised work. It does make me feel fresh after and all that, but it didn’t clear my skin.
4. // Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub //
Whenever I feel that I need a face wash, I use this one. Clean&Clear is also one of my favorite drugstore brands and it has helped my skin a lot in the past. I like it a lot.

3. Face spray

// Avon Naturals Skin Care Hydrating Aloe & Cotton Face Spritz //
Whenever I feel that my skin feels dehydrated, I go to the bathroom and pick up this product from the shelf. It honestly, helps so much. It saves the time of putting moisturizers and creams and it does do it’s promised work – hydrates the skin so well.

4. Peeling

// Ziaja Sensitive Skin Enzyme Peeling //
I love this peeling because it’s not just a one-time thing, unlike others. It makes the skin so smooth and if you still haven’t figured out that I really like Ziaja, then I don’t know. This is a fabulous skin care product.

5. Mask

// Afrodita Cosmetics Why Mask Detox Activated Charcoal //
This mask is really great for someone who has a lot of dead skin. It clears it up (well, not overnight, but it does a bit) and gives your skin a smooth nice feeling you’ll love. I’m just obsessed with face masks and I have a lot of them at home, if you want to see other ones, tell me in the comments!
Now, it’s time for my body skin care products!

Skin care products for body

1. Body lotion

From left to right:
1. // Avon Naturals Body Care Sensational Wild Berries and Pomegranate Yoghurt Body Shake //
This body shake/milk has, perhaps, the most beautiful scent, I swear. With the wild berries and pomegranate, it smells like ice cream in the summer. And it also leaves the skin smooth and gorgeous, exactly what it’s supposed to do.
2. // Treacle Moon The Raspberry Kiss Body Butter // 
I know I said the previous one smells amazing, but this one could be even better. Even though it says it’s butter, it has a much thinner texture which soothes me better. Really everything about it is so aesthetically-pleasing, from the bottle and the color to the scent. Well, a good scent is actually a big deal for me when it comes to body lotions and similar.
3. // Bettina Barty Cocos Hand & Body Lotion //
This is my favorite body lotion ever. I buy it every single time and somehow I manage to find time to try other ones. I’m actually obsessed with coconut scent and that is why this lotion is so perfect. The texture is also smooth and easy to apply. I’ve just realized I have very little of it left, time to go to the drugstore!

2. Hand cream and body balm

From left to right:1. // Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream //

Although I don’t use it much in the summer, this is a must-have winter item for me! Since my hands get chapped and dry in the winter, I must use this cream to moisturize it and it helps!

2. // Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm //

This smoothing body balm doesn’t have much scent, but sometimes it is exactly what you need. Its texture is thin and easy to apply. Hands down, my favorite neutral body skin care product.

2. Body butter

Clockwise from left to right:1. // Rosal Body Intensive Moisturizing Body Butter Shea Butter and Avocado //

Rosal is one of the best Croatian beauty brands out there. What can I say, this body butter also has an amazing scent. Avocado and shea butter are one of my favorite ones, too.2. // Balea Fuss Butter mit Minzöl und Blutorangen-Extrakt // 

One more Balea product on my shelf is a mint and red-orange extract body butter. I love this one, everything about is so fruity and just as it says on the packaging, lovely!

3. // Alverde Naturkosmetik Körperbutter Bio-Macadamianuss und Bio-Karitebutter //

With its affordable prices and organic sources, Alverde quickly became one of my favorite beauty drugstore brand

s recently. This butter with macadamia nuts and shea butter is such perfection when it comes to both smell and texture!

3. Aftershave 

// Afrodita Cosmetics After Depilation Gel 3 in 1 //
The aftershave that I’ve been using recently comes from Afrodita Cosmetics. It calms the skin and really slows the hairs from growing. It also fights ingrowing hair and brings long-lasting smoothness to the skin. But be careful, it can be pretty itchy if you apply it right after on your body! Wait a few minutes and then do it.


// Olival Avocado Hair Oil //
I accidentally put this one in the photo and since it’s not skin care, but hair care I don’t know if I should review it. If you want to see my hair products, then tell me in the comments!
Bottom from left to right:
1. // Avon True Nutraeffects Active Moisturize Lightweight Facial Oil //
This face oil is a true elixir which leaves your skin smooth and nourished. Made with 5 precious oils, it couldn’t be better. It also comes with the easy to apply use. Be careful, not more than 3 drops or your skin might get a little too oily.
2. // Kemig Oleo Therapy Macadamia Oil //
There they are – skincare products! Definitely feel free to pin this image below:
What do you think of all these items, will you be getting any of them? Tell me in the comments!
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