That time between summer and autumn – Outfit of the Day

If you’d ask me what’s my favorite season of the year, I probably wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer, mainly because my favorite season is an in-between one.
Then, when the summer starts to cool down and autumn starts to awaken, that is my favorite season.
And despite the fact that the sun is still shining brightly throughout the day, the cold wind creates a contrast in the nighttime.
When it begins to blow through the curtains, then I feel the most beautiful. There is something in that contradiction between summer and autumn, something much more inspirational and gracious in this beautiful inter-seasonal period.
I love to sit in the yard or in the open cafe and feel that wind, so relaxing, so amazing. I guess in that sense, you can call me an old soul.
As during the heat of the summer, we were sweating under the shield of tourists, running left and right, trying to do all possible activities so that we wouldn’t miss a thing and have our summer bucket lists filled with check marks.
And now, we can finally relax and be calm before the working winter comes again.
But, we shouldn’t be fooled – everything comes to an end. The autumn is coming, bringing winter with itself and we know how winters are. We feel constant complaints about the cold, the long nights and days almost ceased to exist, so let’s enjoy the beauty, the period of late August and early September.
And there it is, my little more artistic view on the world. I thought to do something different with the “outfit of the day’ posts and create this little extra feel next to the images.
What do you think about my photos and the outfit? Do you like it? Tell me in the comments!
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