Interviewing… @federicahermann – a rock n’roll Instagram model

For this first ever interview on the blog, I’m introducing you Federica Hermann, also known as @federicahermann on Instagram. With over 52 thousand followers on the popular platform and gloomy rock n’roll aesthetic, this 23-year old is a true Instagram star. Fredi currently resides in Berlin, Germany, but have lived in many cities and countries such as England, the States, and the Netherlands over the years, and it seems as if her heart belongs to an open road.

On her overnight success:

“I remember I went to bed and woke up in the morning and there were like three thousand more people following me, and then the next day again, and again. I had no idea where it comes from or what is going on until I noticed people repost pictures of me or tagged me. It was totally a new experience.”

On the pressure:

“Naw, there is no pressure. All I do is sharing the things I like, I share myself, my look and music. I don’t need to look good in every picture or turn my body into that shape to look super thin and almost breaking my ribs just to show people what I am not. Hopefully, my followers [are] following me exactly for that reason, ’cause I am just [being] myself. Tbh in most pictures, I didn’t even brush my hair for 2 days or so, haha.”

On her mother, influence and fashion:

“I guess my mom and things that I was surrounded with, inspired me. My mum, she rides an old Honda and when I wanted, she packed me in the backseat and I loved it! When I was a kid, like 10 or 11, I’ve been to a lot of bikers BBQ’s or shows with my mum and chill people. Her best friend looked like Cher and she always wore those amazing tight leather pants and fuck, she looked good! When I was getting older, I just had those interests.”

On her emotions:

“Yeah, of course [I get emotional]. Just not in a sad way. When I listen to music, I am singing out loud and playing the guitar, even when I’m just on my own or with friends. But I mean, if there’s a good playing at the supermarket, I fucking love it.”

On her photos:

“I’m not really modeling on Instagram. I just take a picture and when I like it, I upload it. The inspirations [for photos] are definitely from the 80’s. I shot many pictures with 35mm films and some digital. I always make sure I’m using old films.”

On the modeling industry:

“I signed my first agency when I was 16 and my second one when I was 18 until I was 22 years old. Then I quit the modeling agency because I never really supported ‘modern standards’ and I don’t really fit in the modern fashion.”

On her job:

“I am the owner of a vintage secondhand & handmade store (it’s getting bigger soon). So it’s quite good, as long as I can do anything and buy whatever I want, it’s good for me. And I don’t ask for more, I’m not a luxury kid, I don’t need many or expensive things to be happy.”

On her hobbies:

“Creative hobbies are photography and to create stuff with wood. My grandfather taught me how to work with natural wood and make objects, and to add ornaments. Currently, I don’t have space or time to create something big, so sometimes I just add ornaments in old wood.”

Her favorites

-Thin Lizzy
-Judas Priest
-Def Leppard

-GRASPOP (she attends “every fucking year”)

Instagram accounts:
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