5 Years of Friendship – a day in the life

Yesterday, I celebrated my best friend’s birthday which inspired me to create this post.

We went to a simple coffee date in a popular cafe called Gradska Kavana in Dubrovnik Old Town. We’ve spent about two hours there.

One thing to know about Croatians is that we tend to drink our coffee for long. We can literally sit for more than an hour with one cup of coffee and usually, a pack of cigarettes on the side and drink slowly, talk loudly and smoke heavily. But you know, it’s tradition. So we did it. We drank cafe bianco for two hours and I actually had two sips left, but I was too lazy to drink it at the end.

During our date, I gave her a present with 15 Polaroid photos of our friendship from over the last five years. Speak of cool friendship aesthetic photos!We started hanging out somewhere in the autumn of 2013 and even though we went to primary school together, we never had a true relationship during those times, except for a few occasions in 7th grade.

We started our real friendship after primary school ended, in high school, but we attended separated ones then. However, to see that our friendship already lasts for five years straight is a huge thing.

We’ve been through so much together and we will be in the future, but hopefully within the positive side of things. We spent hundreds of times in coffee shops, went to each other’s celebrations, did a bunch of crazy things, gossiped, talked about boys, clothes, whatever. It’s been one hell of a ride and it still lasts.

Back to the gifts, as she is a violin player, I bought her a Mozart chocolate violin shaped box and some silly happy birthday candles. The gift was nothing major in a sense of luxury or material, but in a sense of sentiment and soul, it was everything. We literally started crying out of happiness during our date, thank God for sunglasses.

Sorry for the not so pretty pic ❤

After the coffee, we got hungry and went to a pancake shop and got some. And after we finished eating, we went to a place behind the city walls which has a view of Lovrijenac fortress. We watched the moonlight and talked about all the random and fun stuff that nobody else would understand.

Which friendship does last the longer for you? Who is/are your best friend/s? Tell me in the comments!

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