My Everyday Makeup Tutorial – See Me Without Makeup

Today, I thought to show you something I’ve been talking for a while about on my blog. My everyday makeup tutorial! All the products and short makeup reviews are listed below, I hope you’ll like it.

I like to have a simple, but still, a stand-out everyday makeup look. I mostly focus on my eyes and lips since they are the best features on my face. Just a note; this makeup is what I mostly apply, but sometimes I go with much less (just foundation and a mascara).


First of all, I wash my face with water and after that, I apply a good old moisturizer. I use the one from Ziaja – natural olive cream for dry and dehydrated skin which I have mentioned in many posts before such as “What’s in My Makeup Bag”.

Next up is applying makeup. I start with a BB Cream from Garnier – Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector for Combination to Oily Skin. I bought my BB cream at DM drugstore, but you can get it at any other that has Garnier brand for selling.

I stopped using a regular foundation a while ago, but honestly, I think I will start using it again pretty soon. But for now, a BB Cream is a great choice. The way to apply BB cream is the same as applying foundation. I put it on my face with BH Cosmetics foundation brush and just blend it in with a blender after.

After applying BB cream
Then, I use a concealer from Alverde – Alverde Naturkosmetik Coverstick 01 Naturelle.

I used liquid ones in the past, but I’ve realized that the ones in the stick are so much better and have more coverage, so I highly recommend those.

The above image shows where I apply it, usually on acne if there’s some and just on the cheeks and dark circles. Then, the below is me after I blended it:

Contouring! Yes, I still kind of do it. I just like to have my cheeks a little more defined since they are pretty chubby no matter my weight. So, I use a Catrice Prime & Fine Make up Transformer Drops Darkening.

When it comes to bronzers or foundations for darkening, I prefer it being liquid or the stick ones because those in the powder last less on the skin.

Okay, honestly, this is so funny, but it’s how you are supposed to contour:

Usually, I don’t highlight on a daily basis, so I’ll skip that part. But I do apply a pink blush. Mine is Terra Naturi Rouge Puder 04 – Royal Apricot. I apply it with a BH Cosmetics powder brush.
And on my skin, it leaves a

pretty light coverage, but that is what I’m looking for anyway.


When I finish with my skin, I focus on the eyebrows. Now, this took a lot of years of practice. A lot of people told me that I make my eyebrows pretty good and those that didn’t say that, probably thought they sucked, but let’s focus on the positive. Joke aside, I guess I do my eyebrows pretty well.
I use a few products – first, a good pair of tweezers. I got one from a drugstore and actually, I just realized the brand is called Solingen Germany.

So I pluck the extra hairs and then, I shape them with a pencilCatrice Cosmetics Eyebrow Stylist 045 Never Be ASHamed. I highly recommend this eye pencil, it’s pretty affordable and it really makes your eyebrows look great. But of course, it’s all on you. Practice makes it perfect.
Sometimes, I use scissors to cut the front hairs a bit, but only if it’s necessary.

It’s pretty tough to take photos of how I did it, if you want me I can make a full tutorial on it, either in video type or try in photos. Tell me if you want to see it in the comments!


Now, this can change because the eyeshadow color that I’m going to use depends on my clothing. But most of the time, I choose a brown lowkey smokey eye.The exact eyeshadows that I use for it are Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Eye Contouring Palette 003 Grunge Glamour, Deborah Milano Soft Smokey-Eye Eyeshadow Palette, and Wet N Wild Color Icon Single Glitter E352C Nudecomer.

This is what it looks like, more guide below:

First, shades from the Rimmel palette: I use the fifth shade (from the left in the palette; the bronze brown one and apply it in the corners and in the middle of my eyelids.

Then I mix the third and fourth shade (from the left; light beige and ash brown) and place them in the middle of my eyelids.

I also apply a small bit of the white eyeshadow in the front corners where it has to be the lightest, but it’s almost invisible.

Moving onto the Deborah Milano, I mix the three middle shades (dark brown, golden brown and the darkest brown one) and apply them in the back corners of the eyelids where the shades are supposed to be the darkest.

Last, but not the least, I add some shimmer with the Wet n’ Wild nudecomer mono eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelids. But you have to be careful and blend it in or else, it will stand out too much because it is much warmer than other shades.

So basically, for this tutorial, you can use similar shades from other brands as well.

After I finish with the eyeshadow, I apply an eyeliner – Misslyn Liquid Eyeliner 1 Long Lasting. Now, this eyeliner is actually in a pen, so it makes it ten times easier to apply, but also it doesn’t give that full black eyeliner look at the end. Still, it’s perfect for daily makeup.

And for my eyelashes, I’ve finally found the best mascara – Maybelline New York Total Temptation Black Mascara. I highly recommend it, it gives you a great volume and length and leaves almost no clumps!

For some reason, the cover of the mascara looks old, but I literally bought it last week. Eh.

I always make sure to apply an eyelash curler for that extra uplift and volume.


And the last part of this tutorial is lips. Before an actual lipstick, I use a lip balm – Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm. The matte lipstick is the one I’ve been loving for almost 2 months and it’s called L.O.V. Make-up Colour and Care Lipstick Love Potion No. 930! I highly, but I mean, HIGHLY recommend it.

Not just this lipstick, but the whole brand. It’s simply amazing. The color is dark pink, kind of meat-like and honestly, so beautiful. Make sure to buy it.

Btw. have you noticed that my hair has dried while doing this tutorial haha.

So yeah, that would be it! I hope you liked my EVERYDAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL LOOK. If you liked this, feel free to leave a reaction below and a comment if you’d like.
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