My Interview for Moskar Magazine – Q&A

The other day, I got published in a local magazine for an interview. In it, I talked about my blog, fashion, beauty and much more. English translation is below.

From other Dubrovnik bloggers, you stand out because you publish your blog in English. Why did you decide to do so?

Because English is a universal language, much more people can follow me and my advice, not just people from America or other countries where English is an official language, but also from countries such as Scandinavian ones, from Asia and so on. Also, I love the English language and I know it pretty well.

What do you write about?

Main topics are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, but you can find a recipe, too. Mostly about makeup and outfit of the day.

What’s the goal for your blog?

I’d like to create a real community of people who want to follow me and read my blog, inspire people in terms of fashion and beauty, but also inspire them to dare to follow their dreams and do something different. Of course, there are many big goals considered with my blog, but it’s better for the results to be seen than just talked about.

How many page views do you have on the blog?

In the last two months since I became really active, I’m close to 10 thousand views.

Where do you find inspiration?

Well, if I really don’t have any, I visit other blogs with similar niche and inspire myself. Still, mostly I think it through myself on which problems or wishes my readers might have and how can I solve them. And then I write a post.

Often times, lots of famous bloggers come to our town. Do you follow them, what do they write about? Which one is the most interesting to you?

Yes, of course. This summer I’ve even met one. Her name is Zoey Arielle, by accident, she filmed me for her YouTube channel and the video will be published soon. Mostly, I follow Norwegian bloggers, I’m not sure why, I just love their culture and freedom of speech, one of them is Anniken Jorgensen. But still, my favorite is the most successful one, Chiara Ferragni.

What are your plans for the future?

Move to another country pretty soon, study journalism or writing next year abroad and of course, succeed with my blog and improve it as my brand. I think it’s a job of the future and a valid one, but of course, it’s already seen with other popular bloggers and Instagram girls.

Is it possible and how much can you earn by writing a blog?

Yes, it is possible. Amounts are not certain, it all depends on views, other people’s interests, followers and so on. For now, I have earned very little, but I still have and I think it’s a great start. Some ways of earning money are through ads, affiliate marketing and simply by publishing blog and Instagram posts, but you get there later.

What would you recommend to young girls who decide to write a blog?

To be themselves and not to be afraid to make a blog if that’s what they want. To be active, have all social media platforms, update often on the blog, but Instagram, and to enjoy this and try to find a reason to.

Once again, thank you for this interview!

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