Life Update: I’m moving to Finland

Those who tell you that dreams can’t come true are simply wrong. When this year started, I had one goal: move to another country. And now this is happening! In a little over a week, I’m going to live abroad, in a country no other than Finland.

For a girl that has only been to Italy so far, Finland is like on another planet and especially to my fellow Croatians. Probably the first and only thing that comes to your mind is that Finland has a lot of snow, and maybe that Santa Clause lives there.

But it’s okay, this country you don’t get to see in the news that much and it is pretty mysterious. However, that’s a good thing since Finland has been rated as the safest country in the world in 2017 according to WEF and it might be voted this year again.

Well, as most people recently, I’ve been fascinated with Scandinavian/Nordic countries.
Although Finland isn’t exactly a Scandinavian country, it is still far in the north and the climate is similar. And it’s different from my place a lot. As I’m going there in October, the temperatures will be around 5°C. So during the three-month stay, it can easily hit well below – 5°C.After all, it’s Nordic winter, so I got to prepare some warm clothing, one of the upcoming blog posts will be about packing abroad including what makeup and clothing to pack, so subscribe here to receive an update directly in your inbox.

Now, you are probably thinking, what am I going to do there, well, the answer is being an au pair in Finland.If you’re unfamiliar – an au pair is a young foreign person, mostly female, who helps with childcare and gets accommodation and salary (which is not too low either).

So if you are like me and want to go live abroad, but you are not sure what to do, pick this job!

It’s not as if you’re exactly applying for the job with the biggest paycheck that’s out there, but you’re applying for a job that can make you wealthy in many other ways.

First, you get accommodation and food which are obviously the two most important primal factors, and the other pretty important factor is meeting new people. And that will happen automatically through your host family.

The host family is basically a family whose home an au pair you would be staying at. So the parents of the kids you’d be taking care of are called “a host mother” and “a host father”. Kids are just kids.

When it comes to myself, I will take care of two children, one is a 5-year old girl and the other is a 2-year old boy. This kind of reminds me of my little cousins who I used to take care of when they were toddlers. I really loved it, so I don’t think this will be tough this to do.

The place I’ll be staying at is in a little town 40 minutes from the capital Helsinki, called Nummela. It’s a really small place, actually smaller than my hometown Dubrovnik in Croatia, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In a small place, I think people are more open than in the capital with almost one million people, and it will be easier to meet others there. When moving to the new country, I’m sure the first thing you’d want to do is to meet and become friends with the locals.

So what made me go to Finland? I’d say contrast. It’s much different than Croatia in many ways. Not just that they have a much colder climate nor the fact that they have pretty long nights during the winter days, but also in their way of thinking.

As far as I know, Finnish people like to keep things to themselves which makes most of them introverts. But that’s just generalized point of view, of course, everybody’s different.

What I like is how organized and business oriented they seem and still, they can party a lot on the weekends (with a huge amount of alcohol, by the way).

In my case, that makes perfect people. When it comes to me, I’m not an introvert and I’m not an extrovert, either. I guess I’m an ambivert, so I’m easily adaptable. I really think I can make it there.

Have you ever been to there? Or worked as an au pair in Finland before? Leave some comments below and tell me what you think!

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