My Pretty Popular Host Family – Au Pair Life Part 1

As you may know, I moved from Croatia to Finland a couple of days ago. The reason was – being an au pair. Now, how did all that start?

Well, at the beginning of this year I got an idea to move to another country, high school was about to end in May and I wanted to skip college for now. I was fascinated with Nordic countries for a while and Finland and Norway seemed to be my favorite.
Then, somewhere in early-mid September when I came back from my trip around the Croatian coast, I went to Facebook and joined a group called “Au Pair in Helsinki/Finland (Suomi)”.  Somehow, luck got me and I got a request from Mari Valosaari to be an au pair for her family.

Only later would I realize that she is a popular Finnish blogger and a YouTuber, but also does plenty of other things. In the past, she used to be a fitness trainer and compete in the fitness contests. She won most of the time and was always in the top 10.
Her family-oriented blog is written for a Finnish magazine Kaksplus and you can check it out HERE. And as I’ve mentioned above, she also has a self-titled YouTube channel mostly themed around horses as in her personal life, she takes care of them, but there are also more things coming there such as travel and fashion. The link to the YouTube channel is HERE.
When it comes to her husband, his name is Jontte Valosaari and he is a pop singer here in Finland. A couple of years back, he was pretty popular on the Finnish music charts, staying in the top 5, but since he got married he has calmed down and been mostly working as a firefighter as well as doing a few other jobs. According to him, he might get back to the music industry in some way or another. To listen to his songs, check out the hits on his YouTube channel HERE.Both of them gave me a warm welcome and made me feel like home. I feel really good and comfortable here and I’m glad they’re nice people.

And now, let’s focus on the most important persons for me in this job – the kids. 5-year old Mila and her three years younger brother Mio Valtteri are my host children. They are simply amazing. These short couple of days, I’ve spent with them, were great. Yesterday, we went to the indoor playground in Lohja and I was playing with them. We were jumping on the trampolines and sliding, it was so much fun to be a kid again with them haha. Today, we did some painting and watched TV. I like kids, so this job is really nice for me.
And I’m based in a small town called Nummela or really close to it, here on Valosaari ranch. I love it here, the house is amazing, the kids and also the parents of them.
So what do you think of this? Have you ever been an au pair? Leave a reaction below and a comment or two if you’d like!Feel free to pin the image below:

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