A Walk Through Seurasaari in Meilahti, Helsinki

It’s already been over a week since I’ve moved to Finland and I still can’t believe it. Although I am getting used to it slowly and surely, it still feels a bit weird.

As I had a day off yesterday, I have spent it in the capital in which I have walked with over 18 thousand steps and burned 600 calories. Yeah, it was a pretty active day.
I’ve visited lots of places, but today I wanted to share with you some photos and info about Seurasaari, an island of Meilahti area in Helsinki.
First, to get there, you have to be in Meilahti area. It is really beautiful, especially now in autumn when the leaves are falling and making the whole place look gorgeous.
And before you get to the island, you will notice the famous Villa Angelica, a 1901-built mansion. Today, the villa is also a coffee shop in which you can sit and enjoy your drink while having a view at Meilahti. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t know it was a coffee shop, so I just passed next to it, but at least I saw a glimpse of this romantic-era beauty.
Now, to get to the actual island, you need to walk a bit further and then cross a white bridge. Over the bridge, you can see the delightful Seurasaarensalmi lake and the scenery is simply breathtaking.
While I was walking, I noticed many ducks in the lake, but also two swans and had to take a picture. The view was so dreamy.
This island, besides its natural beauties, has another cool thing – an open museum. If you like museums, but also free entrances, this is the thing. The Open-air Museum consists of historical houses and buildings from as early as the 1600s.
One of the oldest churches in Finland, built in the early 1600s
These houses are somewhere from the 1800s
The catch is, however, that it’s not actually open during the autumn/winter season, but it is in a way that you can walk next to all those places. During the summer, when it is actually available, you can even enter those buildings and see the interiors.
But honestly, my favor

ite part is actually the scenery. I just love the nature that surrounds this island.

What do you think of this island? Have you ever been to this part of Helsinki or the capital alone? Tell me in the comments!
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