How to Deal with Homesickness Abroad – Au Pair Life part 2

It’s been more than a week since I came to Finland and I couldn’t be more grateful. But… the question that arises during these kinda things is – am I feeling homesick?

To be 100% honest, it’s both yes and no. I do not miss my hometown, Dubrovnik, as much I thought I would, but I do miss my family and friends a lot. I miss talking to my mom about my problems and joke with my dad, I miss going to cafes with my best friends and talking random shit with them.

Here, I don’t know much people except the Valosaari family and a few others who I sorta met. So I spent most of the days with either them or alone.

But I don’t want to sound depressed because I’m feeling pretty opposite. Although I deal with homesickness here and there, it’s not a huge thing.

Of course, it can be tough at times, but you just need to remember that in time you will meet new people and friends, you will get used to the new surroundings and you will feel completely comfortable there.

Time is really a wonderful thing. It heals and it brings new things. And also, humans are the most adaptable creatures on the planet, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We adjusted to the coldest and warmest climates, to the strangest places, we really can do anything.

However, I feel really good here in Finland. I am staying in a great house with really nice people and I feel safe. That really eases my mind. I do love the lifestyle these people have, always doing something and staying active. More doing, less thinking. I love it.
That would be me opening my feelings to the internet for today, as well as my #ootd for autumn. It’s an all black very cozy outfit. I love the top because it has a leopard head printed on it (I guess it is leopard?).I hope you enjoyed this little talk, feel free to leave a reaction and a comment below!
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