My Current Favorites…

Today, I wanted to write a little more about myself so you could get to know me better.
So think of this post as a “get to know me” tag in which I talk about my current favorite things.
From fashion to music and TV shows to food, in this post, you’ll be able to find out the things that I’ve been loving recently.

What I’m watching…

If you follow me on Instagram (HERE) or Snapchat (HERE), you know that I’m currently obsessed with Dynasty (2017). Although the original series can’t be beaten, this modern remake is definitely worth watching. If you want a dose of drama, love, and scandal, check out this show!

What I’m listening to…

I didn’t know that Poets of the Fall were a Finnish band! I love their music and style and I’ve been listening to the Carnival of Rust album a lot recently. Other artists currently on my playlist are The Killers, Editors and as usual, Type O Negative.

What I’m wearing…

The other day, I bought this sweater at H&M. Light biege is perhaps my favorite color ever, it is so elegant and simple. The sweater is so comfy and I just love the lace on the neckline! I think it’s a great casual top.

What I’m reading…

The book I’m reading at the moment is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Although it’s a fiction novel, it has a self-help vibe to it with lots of lessons that can be learned from it. I bought it recently and got the 30th-anniversary edition which contains an inspiring foreword.
It tells the story of how Coelho’s novel didn’t sell at all in the first few weeks and everybody thought it was a failure. A few years later, a famous person bought it and influenced the world with it and the book became a best-seller as its known today. Lesson: never give up on your dreams.

What makeup I’m using…

Lately, I’ve been loving L.O.V. the Fateful Lacquered Lip Stain. It’s a lipstick that can stick on your lips for more than two hours at least. It’s such a high-quality brand overall and I hope it is available in Finland ’cause I need to have more of their products.

What blogs I’m reading…

I think it’s good to support other people in your field, so I wanted to share some of my favorite ones of the moment. Thanks to Twitter, on which you can follow me HERE, I’ve come to across lots of other bloggers which I’m grateful for.
Some of my currently favorite bloggers are:
I hope you like this list! I wasn’t sure what else to write, but there go my favorite things.
Do you like any of these? Leave a reaction below and tell me in the comments!
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