Have an Effective Morning Routine – Monday Tips with Nora

I haven’t posted in a while and my inconsistency started to bug me, so I’ve come to a solution.
I feel the best when I update on my blog daily because it makes me feel as if it’s really my job as I want it to be. So why not speak it into the existence!
I got this post inspiration from a very popular Norwegian blogger Annijor who I really look up to and decided to make this a weekly series on my blog, too.
Each Monday I will be giving you a tip or two on different topics. Mostly surrounding beauty, fashion, and productivity. For the first part, I’ve decided to give you a tip on having an effective morning routine.
Although mine is not 100% perfect, I think it’s still effective for a good start of the day.

Tip no. 1 –  Your morning routine starts the night before

I always thought morning routine was just a morning routine, but that’s not quite right.
I’ve realized that you can’t have a good morning routine if you don’t have a good night routine. Why? Good night sleep. You can’t sleep three hours a night and make the next day productive. At least not in a long run.
Before I go to bed – which is around 22:00/10 pm, I have a night routine. For that, I’ll make a special post. I fall asleep before 23:00/11 pm on most days. I feel the best when I get enough sleep, which is around 7:00-8:00 hours. Everybody’s different, you might need more or less.

Tip no. 2 – Wake up early and meditate 

Meditation helps me realize what my goals are and how I can get them. I actually think while meditating – if you want a more detailed post on that, let me know.
But the problem is that when you wake up early, meditation could make you fall back asleep. That is why I cheat a bit and look at my phone for 5 minutes to wake up better. After that, I put my headphones on and find some soothing meditation music on YouTube and listen.
I usually meditate for 10 minutes, more or less.
One of my breakfasts; oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon

Tip no. 3 – Get out of bed and shower

After I finish meditating, I immediately get out of the bed. To refresh myself, I must shower in the morning. It makes me feel clean and ready to start a new day. This takes about 5 to 15 minutes, really depends on a day.
Then, I put my clothes on and do my makeup and usually, I leave my hair to dry naturally unless I’m leaving the house right after.

Tip no. 4 – Eat a healthy breakfast, but add coffee to it, too

Some people do intermit fasting, either on purpose or not, but I think eating breakfast is better, especially a healthy one. Although I’m trying to avoid sugar, I still need my oatmeal in the morning.
Up until today, I would eat a banana with it, but I’ve decided to go for less and had an apple instead. I also added a tablespoon of blueberry protein powder and a teaspoon of butter to it.
Protein and fats are important in a healthy diet.
Just a first page of my bullet journal, full post on it soon

Tip no. 5 – Set goals for the day

Goal setting is a crucial thing to do if you want to be successful in life. And who doesn’t?
I take my bullet journal – which I’ll share with you in the following days – and write my goals, to-do list and review my schedule. I gotta be in control of what happens in a day when it comes to work and duties. In the free time, I don’t mind doing random things.
And those are my morning tips for you guys. What follows is starting my day by doing something. I either go for a walk, clean around the house, write or take care of my au pair kids.
Do you like these tips? Do you have a morning routine? Leave a reaction below and tell me in the comments!
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