A Rock’n’Roll Outfit in a Rock’n’Roll House + Airbnb Discount

Before a Stockholm trip last weekend, me and my friend rented an Airbnb on Friday.

That’s why today, I’m sharing with you a special €30 off discount link, scroll down to get it!

The average night cost for Airbnb in Helsinki is around 80 euros and we managed to get this highly requested one for only €58.06!

Yes, Finland tends to be a high maintenance country. However, it was totally worth it. We got to feel at home for one night and truly, a strange type of home.
When my friend met a host, he realized that he was a heavy metal singer and what comes next, wasn’t a big surprise.

His house was a rock’n’roll paradise. When we entered, first we saw many rock posters such as Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark and some of the other bands.

The interior was all in dark colors and even most lights weren’t working, so the room was in the full gothic feel.

We almost felt like we were transported back to the ’80s.

And as usual with my life, I didn’t plan it, but I ended up buying these leather pants at the store before our arrival. I was already wearing a black t-shirt and boots so we decided to make a little photo shoot.

I swear I never looked more gothic than that night! (*insert laughing emoji*)

Use THIS LINK to get €30 off your Airbnb stay. CLICK HERE. Disclaimer: this only works if it’s your first time getting an Airbnb.

And there goes my modern rock’n’roll makeup and outfit!

But what really made this apartment the way it is was a huge collection of vinyl and CDs. I think there were over a hundred of each and that’s the biggest one I have seen so far.

I am more of a ’90s music person myself, but I did like his Black Sabbath and Bathory CDs and vinyl.

Probably what I liked the most were other romantic touches such as ‘creepy’ candles as chandeliers.

If you’re wondering what other amenities Airbnb apartments have, here’s a list:

  • Basic: TV, washer, heating, hygienic essentials (towels, toilet paper etc.), table, chair, hot water
  • Facilities: elevator
  • Dining: kitchen, coffee maker, cooking basics (pots and pans, salt, pepper etc.), dishes and silverware, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, oven, stove
  • Bed and bath: shampoo
  • Outdoor: balcony
  • Location: Ski-in/ski-out.
But this only qualifies for an apartment we got, some Airbnbs even have a pool and a gym! Yeah, it all depends on your budget and location.I personally like Airbnb service. The app is easy to use, it has filters so you can easily find your perfect apartment and it’s pretty affordable.
So what do you think about this rock’n’roll overdose for the night?Have you ever gotten an Airbnb yourself?Tell me in the comments!

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