I Went to Stockholm with the Viking Line Suomi

Last weekend was a weekend of traveling (again)! I’ve visited Stockholm, Sweden with a friend. Another thing crossed off my bucket list!

We took off at 17:30 on Saturday with the boat called M/S Mariella from the Viking Line company.
In this post, I’ll only review the experience I had with this ferry and in the next one, which comes tomorrow, I’ll share with you photos of me in Stockholm!
The overall experience was good. There are lots of things you can do on the ship besides just being in the cabin.
For example, there is a tax-free shop where you can find fashion and beauty items for lower prices, as well as groceries. My only complaint would be that the selection of groceries could be bigger, but as it is the ferry, it’s understandable.
However, there are restaurants and cafes where you can go to eat and drink during your stay. And there is also a morning buffet which costs €39 per person.
Although the price is not the cheapest, the quality of food is high. There was fresh fish, all types of pieces of bread, fruits, vegetables and a selection of juices.
The buffet opens from 07:00 and closes at 10:00 at the time of the arrival.
But that’s what we did on Sunday morning… Let’s focus on the evening before.
Across the ship, there are multiple gambling machines. We played a few of those and of course, we lost each time. It was more for fun anyway. But it’s funny how you get the thrill when you win something and then you want more and more until you start to lose and then say: “Why did I even play this?”
We also had a cup of coffee in a cafeteria and visited a pub for some beer. But most of the time, we just spent walking through the ferry and going for a smoke on the sundeck haha.
What I also liked about the ship were the Christmas decorations they already put.
And although almost everything closes after 23:00, there is a 24/7 information service available, so you can always ask for something you need.
I forgot to take the pic of the cabin inside, but above is me in the hallway of the cabins.
In our cabin, we had two beds, one small desk, and a bathroom. The mattress was comfortable while pillows weren’t, but maybe that’s just me, I can never find a perfect pillow, anyway, haha.
However, my biggest complaint would be the internet connection. WiFi was pretty slow especially when browsing apps for some reason, but maybe that’s only on the 4th floor. The weekend before, we cruised to Tallinn, Estonia on the 6th floor and the connection was perfectly normal.
Now is the holiday season and the ferry is decorated with Christmas trees and lights, it all gives it a much warmer feeling.
Overall, I think the cruise experience was nice. We sailed smoothly without any harsh movements, the service at the cafes and buffet was good and it was a normal ferry line experience.
We arrived in Stockholm on Sunday at 10:00 in the morning and tomorrow, I’ll share with you photos and stories from there. Stay tuned.
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