A Day in Stockholm, Sweden

This year I’ve crossed lots of things off of my bucket list. And although there are only 30 days left of this year (which I’m still not completely aware of), I’ll cross a few more by the end of it.

But the post about my 2018 goals and what have I achieved will be published in days to come.
Today, I’ll be talking about one of the goals – visiting Stockholm, Sweden.
I’ve been dreaming of going to the capital for years now and it has finally happened. It probably wouldn’t happen if I didn’t live in Finland, but thankfully, I do.
As told in the previous post, I was going with a friend. There you can read about our experience with a Viking Line cruise ship that is on Helsinki-Stockholm line.

What can I say about Stockholm?
It’s gorgeous! The buildings are beautiful and the city has a rich history, I especially love the history of their royal family and the Vikings.
On our trip there, we only had about six hours, so we didn’t even get to see much this time,
We got from off the ferry at 10 in the morning and had to go back at 15 in the afternoon.
But at least, we walked a lot! On my Pacer, I saw that we made 20 thousand steps each. That falls into the highly active category.
As we had eaten at the buffet in the mid-morning, we didn’t even feel hungry until later in the afternoon when we had lunch at the ship.

In Stockholm, we were mostly sightseeing. Looking at the streets, buildings and going to the shopping centers.

We visited the Åhléns shopping center. It has so much to offer!

Possibly, all highly popular designer brands are available there, every piece of home decor you’ll ever need and it is beautifully decorated with this spinning hanging tree. Look below.

Well, Christmas is happening, December 1st is right here!
As we walked randomly, we stumbled upon this beautiful building.
My friend loves photography, so he took a few photos of me there. They are pretty basic, but at least I have a proof I was in Stockholm!

Excuse me, sunlight, all I wanted was a good picture haha.

Although we had luck with the sunny day in Stockholm, there were some snow leftovers in some corners of the town.
I loved the atmosphere of it, so I took this photo:
But, I was walking the city half-hangover from the party at the ferry and so, it was a bit harder to stay professional and take lots of photos.
I hope my readers will appreciate honesty.
However, I think Stockholm is a big and beautiful city. We walked around it and it took us 30 minutes to get from one big neighboorhood to another.
Have you ever been to Stockholm?
If not, do you want to?
Write below and let us know!
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