+100 Ultimate Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Family and Friends Based on Their Interests

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching! There are only a few weeks until everyone’s favorite holiday comes!
However, the spirit of Christmas is easily lost in the stress of shopping for your loved ones.
But, don’t worry any longer! I have created this special holiday guide for you!
These are the gift ideas for your family and friends which are based on their interests.
Are they artsy? An aspiring beauty guru? Or do they live in the gym? Find the right gifts that perfectly match their interests here.

Holiday gift ideas for makeup and beauty lovers

If you are a reader of my site, you probably belong to this category (or the travel one, see below).
But we are like who we hang out with. Or something like that. Maybe you have a sister, maybe a close friend, who is a total makeup junkie. These are the gifts you should buy them.
Here are gift ideas for makeup obsessed:
  1. A luxury perfume
  2. Bath bomb
  3. Body milk and lotion set
  4. Body spray
  5. Contour kit
  6. Eyeliner
  7. Eyebrows makeup set
  8. Eyeshadow palette
  9. Face masks
  10. Facial spray
  11. Gift card for their favorite beauty brand
  12. Hair extensions
  13. Highlighter set
  14. Lash curler
  15. Makeup bag
  16. Makeup brushes set
  17. Makeup rem
  18. Makeup set
  19. Moisturizer
  20. Ombre makeup

Holiday gift ideas for travelers

Some people travel more often than others and they definitely don’t need complicated and details gifts. Give your friend or a family member who loves travel something simpler.
Here are gift ideas for friends and family members who travel a lot:
    1. Amazon Kindle gift card/coupon
    2. Antique desk globe
    3. Anti-theft scarf
  1. Compact toiletries
  2. Durable travel thermos
  3. Fast drying travel towel
  4. Foldable duffle bag for traveling
  5. Jewelry travel organizer
  6. Passport holder
  7. Packing Cubes
  8. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  9. Portable charger
  10. Portable coffee maker
  11. Portable luggage scale
  12. Selfie stick
  13. Space-wise water bottle
  14. Travel magazine subscription
  15. Travel neck pillow
  16. Travel electronic toothbrush


20. Airbnb €30 OFF FOR THE STAY! Give your travel friends some useful discount!

Holiday gift ideas for fitness lovers

Fitness is a lifestyle and you probably have at least one friend or a family member who is obsessed with it. I, particularly, have a cousin (yes, you M).
Or maybe you have someone who is just starting out at fitness and you want to help them. These are the gifts for fitness that you should give them:
  1. A book about healthy recipes
  2. Blender
  3. Digital alarm clock
  4. Exercise ball
  5. Fitness socks
  6. Gym bag
  7. High waist yoga pant
  8. Journal to track fitness progress
  9. Jump rope for gym
  10. Leggings with hidden pockets
  11. Massage balls
  12. Protein powder
  13. Running sneakers
  14. Set of dumbbells
  15. Spa day gift card
  16. Superfood powder
  17. Vibrating foam roller
  18. Wireless earbuds
  19. Workout top
  20. Yoga Mat.

Holiday gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts

My dad is a chef, my grandmother loves to cook, and even I don’t mind it. That is what inspired me to add this category. I’m sure you have someone of your own who is a true cooking enthusiast.
 Here are Christmas gift ideas for cooking lovers:
  1. Apple slicer corer cutter
  2. Avocado Slicer
  3. Baby chef apron – this is a cute gift if they have small children
  4. BBQ grill tools set
  5. Box for cookies and other pastry
  6. Butter churner
  7. Cast-iron skillet
  8. Classic chef coat for men
  9. Cutting board
  10. Digital kitchen timer
  11. Electric food glass steamer
  12. Food processor
  13. Indoor electric multi-grill
  14. Knives set
  15. Portable espresso machine
  16. Red wine glasses set
  17. Retro style apron for women
  18. Rolling pin
  19. Salt and pepper grinder
  20. Stainless steel scissors

Holiday gift ideas for bookworms

When you need to buy a gift for your friend who is a book lover, the gift choice might seem easy. Just get a book! But no, in this guide you can get a little more original.
Here are gift ideas for people who love books and writing:
  1. Amazon Kindle gift card
  2. Antique book scented candles
  3. Art print posters
  4. A poem that you’ve written
  5. A rare collection of poetry
  6. Book keychain
  7. Book Locket
  8. Book of the month subscription
  9. Book stack tote bag
  10. Fancy bookmark
  11. “I heart books” mug
  12. “Just one more chapter” pillow
  13. Notebook (trust me, there are never enough of those for writers)
  14. Personal library kit
  15. Pencil box
  16. Pencils set
  17. Vintage book covers
  18. Vintage book posters
  19. Wooden page spreader
  20. Tea packages printed with classic novels

Holiday gift ideas for artsy friends

Artsy people are special. They are not easy to satisfy and they are probably fed up with being called artsy. But they are, and we love them for that.
Here are gift ideas for your artsy friends:
    1. Anything from Etsy
  1. Artificial flowers or plants
  2. A self-help book about yoga or tai-chi
  3. Calligraphy set
  4. Crystal pendants
  5. Gel pens
  6. Harry Potter shirt
  7. Ink Pen
  8. New journal
  9. Palette cheese tray
  10. Pink Floyd CDs
  11. Pop art print
  12. Sketchbook
  13. Smartphone case
  14. Quentin Tarantino shirt or any other trendy artsy one
  15. Vinyl
  16. Vintage posters
  17. Wanderlust pillowcase
  18. Wireless earbuds
  19. Tickets for the near festival
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes picking what to get for your friends and family can be frustrating.
That’s what had inspired me to write this post. I hope you’ve found it helpful.
What are you getting your family/friends for Christmas?
Let us know in the comments.
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