Hello 2019! My New Year Resolutions and How You Can Figure Out Yours

It’s the second week of 2019 and I’ve been delaying this post until today. I had a good five-day trip at the beginning of the year, so I feel as if my year had just started recently when I came back home.
While I was still on my vacation, I was writing my resolutions, goals, and plans for 2019. I was doing it a bit retro style, in my journal, simply with pen and paper.
I was thinking of the best ideas for my blog and overall brand, how to expand it; my creativity and creation. Sometimes all those big dreams can seem a bit overwhelming, a bit impossible. But as Audrey Hepburn once said: “Nothing is impossible. The word ‘impossible’ says ‘I’m possible’.
This is one of the dresses I wore for New Year, too
And that’s so true! In 2018, I have been blessed with the support of my friends and family. There have also been and still, there are some people who don’t believe in me, but I don’t care. Not everyone has to, it’s important that I do.
Still, I had great support from my mother and some of my friends. They believed in me, cheered me and without them, I’d probably quit at the beginning. But thank God I haven’t!
In the first six months of existence, my blog has been published in a magazine twice (once recently), I have over 23 thousand views on my blog, many comments, and my blog has been ranked 14th best in Finland according to Feedspot.
Of course, I could’ve had even more success, but the truth is, I haven’t even given half of my energy in the making of this blog, and that is changing in 2019. This year, I want to be better and bigger.
I know lots of bloggers and vloggers who share the inspirational posts at the beginning of the new year, so I felt like I had to do the same.
Today, I will only cover resolutions/goals for my blog/brand. If you want me to get personal, write me a comment below and I’ll make a post on that.
To see “how to figure out your 2019 goals” section, scroll down a bit further.
The dress is from New Yorker

My blog resolutions for 2019

1. Make my blog a career

When I say my blog, I don’t think only about that, but I’m thinking about my overall social media presence + my blog.
I don’t know if I can make millions in the first year, but I am sure I can make a decent income. It’s not so hard, and considering that I’ll give much more energy this year to it, I believe it is possible.
Thankfully, I had already gotten some collaboration requests at the beginning of this year and I’m sure you’ll love those brands.

2. Post three times a week

I feel like my blog could’ve done even better last year if I had posted more often and if I were more consistent. This year I know I’ll be that.
From now on, you can expect blog posts three times a week, in the evenings. Still, I am not sure which days, but I’ll be testing to see when do you prefer to read. However, more content is coming this year on the blog than ever before.

3. Have a specific blog theme

Besides this post, which is pretty off-topic, all the other ones will have a certain theme and that one is – rock and roll. I love rock music and fashion.
Although I might not look like a complete rock/goth chic (yet), I am one in my soul. I think the best thing is for my style to evolve, live here on my blog and Instagram, so you guys can see it.
The reason I chose this style is that I’ve found that there aren’t many bloggers or Instagrammers who look like that. And me being a big fan of rock, I said why the fuck not!
I feel that before my blog was pretty basic, an everyday lifestyle blog. I think this is more interesting and different and that you will like it. After all, the most important thing for me is that my readers enjoy it.

4. Post daily on Instagram and Instagram stories

If you are a blogger, Instagram is major. You must have a good Instagram account if you want to have a good blog. Well, at least if you are a fashion blogger.
Expect my Instagram aesthetic to be similar to my blog. After all, it’s the same brand.

5. Visit concerts and shows and interview musicians

Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll do this, but well, I’ll try! If you never try, you never know, right?
By living in Finland, I really have a huge rock audience there and lots of Finnish musicians belong to the rock/metal genre. This year I’ll be going to lots of concerts and hopefully, I’ll manage to interview some performers.
What do you think about this goal specifically? I’d really like to know.

6. Engage more with the community and expand it

I feel like I must engage more with people here and on other social media platforms. My Instagram and Twitter are huge ones.
I want to follow more similar accounts on both platforms, comment and like, and respond quickly to my e-mails and comments on the blog. I think this will be one fun year.
There are my blog resolutions for 2019.
Although many say that you shouldn’t share your goals with others because there’s a chance you might not succeed, I think it’s false. Whenever I share my goals with other people, I feel even more hyped up about it!

And now remains one question.

How can you decide your resolutions for 2019?

Whether is it your blog or personal resolutions, it can get tough to decide. Especially if you tend to be indecisive.
But don’t worry, I’m here to help.
The way to figure it out is to simply ask one question: “What do I not want?” Yeah, might sound stupid, but with realizing what you don’t want, the circle of things you want gets clearer and therefore, you start to understand your desires.
Let’s say that you don’t want to be poor nor you don’t want to be a failure. So, say, I want to be rich, I want to be a success. And there you are!
Now, figure out what you want to be successful at, realize the steps you must take and, congratulations, you had just figured out your 2019 resolutions.
Of course, it is easier said than done, but truly, sit down and write. I wrote a lot to figure it out and trust me, it took some time.
But in the end, I did it. I figured it and now it’s time to make them happen.
Let’s rock 2019!

Feel free to pin the image below:

So, did you already figure out some of your goals for this year?
Do you want me to share some personal resolutions with you?
And what do you think of my photos?
Feel free to tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think!
Follow me on Instagram for more photos and Twitter for my poetic side.

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