Interview with Crayon Jones – The Glam Rock Star by Nora Di Leo

With a David Bowie persona and Rocky Horror Picture makeup, Crayon Jones is a rising star of the Berlin glam rock scene.

The UK-born singer had a passion for music since he was a teenager, but had never really finished any projects during his adolescence.

At least not until his mid-20s where he used a deadline of his birthday to make his first album independently. He continued to appear in live shows, on the billboards and let the glam rock world set him free.

Read more about Crayon Jones below. Plus, he gives a pretty cool guide on the best rock bars in Berlin and tells about the overall glam scene.

The Interview

N: What fascinates you so much with Bowie and Rocky Horror Picture that you got influenced? Was it their looks, the attitude, or something else?

I think it comes down to the identity. I was a little uptight and living how I felt I was expected to live. I wasn’t satisfied with that, there was something more exciting that I hadn’t quite found. The style and confidence were what I was looking for and I have found them in that world.

N: Hey, would you tell us more about your first album? How did the promotion go? Was it hard to get out there and be heard?

I’ve always loved glam rock, Ziggy, and Rocky Horror so I wrote a concept album vaguely inspired by that called “The Glamdroids”. I wrote it in about 2 hours and recorded it in a couple of days in my apartment.

I didn’t have many expectations about fame and fortune. I learned a lot about that side of things. I hadn’t really thought about that before I got to the point of having to do it. I try not to be too much of a salesperson when it comes to promoting. Even if it wasn’t hugely noticed, just finishing was enough encouragement to keep it going.

N: Yeah, sounds like a good attitude. I saw on your website that you were doing some live shows. How did it feel to go on a stage for the first time? And are you more into the “rockstar” feeling of being on stage and performing, or is it the art of singing and songwriting which you like more?

That came almost by an accident. Some people here were putting on a glam rock musical called “Loving the Alien” and I was originally just going to be an extra, then somehow I found myself in the leading role.

Suddenly, I was in posters all over the city and on the TV screens in the subway. I was nervous, but we were all rehearsed and the band was really great.

I was more concerned about the acting part, playing the rockstar came more naturally. And the makeup and glitter jumpsuit help, too.

N: So let’s talk about fashion and your glam rock style. Do you wear the same outfits off-stage and behind the Instagram? Is your daily look similar?

I wore the jumpsuit for the musical, and I’ve become a little addicted since, but it is definitely more for the performance. The rest of what you see on Instagram is pretty much my regular wardrobe, I don’t think it’s anything that outlandish, it doesn’t take much glam to up a basic look. Having the bright red mullet helps with that.

N: When it comes to musical, what was it about? Can you tell us more about it?

The show was at the Monster Ronsons which is a legendary pillar of the Berlin nightlife, especially in the queer scene. We fit right in. The show ran in the summer of 2017 and 2018, again. The cast was from all over the world, and it ranged from Israeli drag queens to the original Manchester punks who were around in the days of Joy Division.

N: Sounds cool. What are you planning on doing with your music in 2019?

I’m making use of the cold weather to write new songs with the aim of recording again in spring. And after that, hopefully, playing shows, either solo or with a band, if I can get it together.

N: Good luck with that! What is the meaning behind your latest release ‘Neo1972’? The meaning of the songs behind the Bowiesque image?

It’s a celebration of the benefit of embracing a little glam into your life. Not a repeat of what went before with Bowie, but in the same spirit of the open-mindedness. It’s nothing too deep and that’s important, it’s a mixed up world, but with the simple joys.

N: For the German people or those who want to visit Berlin, what are the best bars and rock clubs to see? Do you go out there often?

Yes, I’m often out, particularly for the concerts. Sadly, a lot of cool places closed in the last years because of rising rents. I tend to prefer smaller places. Check out Monarch, Loophole, and Wild at Heart. Those are some of my favorites off the top of my head. But really in Berlin, follow the music, a place that’s fun one weekend could be dead the next one, depending on what event is there.

More about Crayon

  • Favorite David Bowie album: Diamond Dogs
  • Favorite David Bowie song: ‘Wood Jackson’
  • Hobbies: Slowly teaching himself piano, reading, and spending time with good friends
  • Job: “A very dull day job, which is why I’m distracting myself with silly Bowie tweets”

Listen to Crayon Jones


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