AGE: 19

Hometown: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Residence: Helsinki, Finland

Roots: Italian

Nora Di Leo is a Croatian blogger, influencer, model, writer, and entrepreneur.
After seeing other writers, bloggers, models, and photographers online, Nora has inspired herself to create a platform where she would share her stories.
Her passion for fashion and rock music inspired her to combine these two topics into one and found a “fashion and music blog”. To inspire with her fashion style and introduce younger generations to rock music is her mission.
In only a few months of blog’s work, Nora has been published in magazines. The first time, she was interviewed for her blogging and the next one, she published her travel article in a magazine.
Nora likes both classic rock and metal, but she understands that in order to keep rock and roll alive, new bands and musicians needs to be introduced to the scene.
That’s what made her to create a project where she would interview rock, metal and alternative musicians and expose them to a larger audience.
If you want an interview, send your request on the following e-mail address: noradblog@gmail.com
Also, for all other business inquiries, collaborations, writing requests or else, contact via the same e-mail: noradblog@gmail.com.

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Facebook: Nora Di LeoInstagram: @noradileoTwitter: @noradileoPinterest: @noradileo Spotify: @noradileo


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